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Assembly device and application in dust-free workshop

information | Release time:2021-06-18

In the clean room project, the key to the selection and placement of air filters with different levels of air cleanliness: Regarding the 300,000-level air purification handling, sub-high-efficiency filters can be used to replace high-efficiency filters; air purification treatment, three-stage filters of primary, middle and high efficiency filters should be used in air purification handling of air cleanliness levels 100, 10,000 and 100,000-class.

Medium-efficiency or high-efficiency air filters should be selected based on less than or equal to the additional air volume; medium-efficiency air filters should be centrally installed in the positive pressure section of purified air conditioning; high-efficiency or sub-high-efficiency air filters should be installed at the end of the purified air conditioning system.

Site selection criteria: The location of the dust-free workshop should be selected in accordance with the criteria for favoring production, facilitating life, saving capital and operating costs. The site should be located in areas with a natural environment and good water quality, low atmospheric dust concentration; The microclimate formed in topography, features, and landforms should be conducive to production and energy-saving areas, and it should be far away from many areas that emit dust, smoke, toxic and harmful gases and microorganisms, such as airports, railways, docks, transportation routes, etc., and be next to the source of pollution and the advantage of the dominant wind direction throughout the year. The distance between the dust-free workshop and the main traffic road should be more than 50 meters.

The key to the movement line plan: It is necessary to reflect and analyze the routes of people and vehicles, piping systems, exhaust pipes, material handling and work processes, and shorten the movement lines as much as possible, and prevent interleaving to prevent interleaving pollution. Lines such as workers, chemicals, materials, etc. should not be concentrated; a buffer zone should be set up around the dust-free workshop; the revenue and expenditure of production equipment should not have a major impact on the work.

The air in some air purification systems cannot be recycled if it cannot be prevented from being polluted after being handled: the destruction, weighing, batching, mixing, material making, tableting, coating, filling and other processes of solid materials; the refining and drying process of solvent refining organic materials; the production area of radioactive drugs; the pathogen operation area; the production process of many harmful substances and volatile gases during the technical process; the particles of solid oral preparations

Energy-saving guidelines: there are many local areas that can save energy in the clean room, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), technical cooling, compressed air, and some other equipment. The electricity the HVAC system consumes is more than half of that used by the entire chip manufacturing plant. The reason for the formation of a lot of waste of electricity and HVAC capacity surplus is largely due to shortcuts taken when planning and building factories, as far as possible to reducing the initial investment as much as possible, regardless of the operating costs in the later period.

Installation and application, 1. All repaired components of the prefabricated clean workshop are processed in the factory according to the consistent modulus and series, suitable for mass production, stable quality, and quick supply; 2. Flexible, that is, suitable for being installed in new factories , as well as the transformation of the purification technology in the old workshop. The repair structure can also be combined freely according to the technical requirements, and it is convenient to disassemble; 3. The auxiliary construction area is small, and the request for the decoration of the soil is low.