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The importance of airtight performance to stainless steel air shower

information | Release time:2021-06-18

Nowadays, purification equipment is increasingly used in the production industry. The air shower room serving as an important throat of the clean room, when people or objects entering and exiting the clean room, the air shower room will be the place where it is needed. On the other hand, the air shower room is also used as a closed clean room for the air room.

Generally, differential pressure control is a method to maintain clean room air quality and prevent cross-contamination with the external environment. The air shower room serves as an airtight room and is an essential channel for entering the clean room. The air shower has two doors that cannot be opened at the same time. Its purpose is to cut off the air in two different clean environments and prevent contaminated air from entering the clean area.

Even with the use of a differential pressure control system, the clean room and air shower room cannot guarantee that the positive pressure is relative to the external environment under all circumstances, in the event that the air supply system of the purification equipment breaks down or the resistance is too large. After long-term use, positive pressure cannot be maintained. At this time, good airtightness of the air shower room is very important, and it can prevent the external polluted air from leaking into the clean room through the gap of the partition wall or the gap between the doors and windows.

The dust-free door installed in the air shower room adopts a sealed distribution foaming process. The distribution seal is installed inside the door, and the distribution amount can be adjusted according to the gap size. Therefore, the foaming height and gap should be better controlled, and the air tightness is better. Compared with traditional sealing strips, it has a long life and has the advantages of odorless. Traditional sealing strips are easy to deform, fall off, wear and have poor elasticity.